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Peter Sheppard Skærved has recorded all of my music for violin, and has put some excerpts on his webpage. Take a look here


I played the guitar as a child, but slowly began taking an interest in composing music. In the year 2000 I was accepted at The Royal Academy Of Music in Copenhagen. Upon graduating in 2006 I was given the following remark by my teachers Niels Rosing-Schow and Bent Sørensen and the censor Hans Gefors:

Lars Bagger expresses himself through fragments and miniatures. Among his pieces are traditional scores, graphic scores, pieces containing verbal performance explanations, improvisations - though never entirely free - or combinations of the above mentioned. As a principal rule the timbral and dynamical aspects of the music are controlled in detail, whereas the form and continuity of a piece can be more indeterminate.

Lars Bagger works consiously with a "less is more" asthetic, using a very restriced material with sounds of a very fragile nature. Each piece - either short or long - is made up of fragments, and the musics power of expression is usually the result of a dialogue between musical cells, which serves to activate the listeners concentration, and makes the audience more involved in the music.

This is a demanding and dangerous musical language, with a tradition dating back to the 1960's (and to, among others, John Cage). To write something interesting makes great requirements on the behalf of the composer, both with regards to finding the relevant visual notation of the music, but also in staying sensible to the surrounding world and to the contemporary ways of expression. In his best composition, which are often in a concentrated lyrical language, Lars Bagger fully lives up to the challanges of this tradition.

Since graduating I have been working as a freelance composer, with regular performances of works in London and New York, as well as participating in the international composition competition Ensemblia 2007 in Mönchen Gladbach.

Further informations can be found at the Danish Composers Society or at and composition:today


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