The Chorale was written for an event taking place in the newly restored Kings Library at the British Museum in London. The idea was to take an object on display in this gallery and let it be an inspiration for a musical piece. Peter Sheppard Skærved, who played at the concerts, then moved around in the gallery and performed the pieces next to the objects. I was interested in a very small finger ring with the Lord's Prayer written in tiny letters on a small plate. The piece of music that I wrote is therefore also rather "small", and it consists of two voices: The lower one is just playing the roots (D, G and A), while the top one uses the harmonics of the roots to create a melody. The harmonics are sort of hidden though (just like the text on the finger ring), and function more like a colouration of the root. The piece is quite hard to perform though, and the scordatura is rather awkward, so at some of the performances Peter chose to play it on his regular violin, playing the two voices separately.