Lützhøft fragmenter

This piece was originally a short piece for violin lasting only around 30 seconds. I really liked that piece, but since it was so short, I found it very difficult to comprehend in a performance situation. Therefore I decided to do an expanded version for ensemble.

The piece is made up of nine fragments, separeted into three "movements". Each fragment consists of only a few notes, and function like a small gesture going either upwards, downwards or staying at the same note.

I wanted a sort of lyrical sound to the piece, and therefore I used a harmonic system that comes very close to tonality (a kind of D major touching on G and A major here and there). In the melodic lines though I mainly used seconds, fourths, fifths and sevenths which slurs the tonality.

When writing the violin piece, it was my idea that each fragment should be just a moment in time. All kinds of traditional musical development is therefore completely absent from this piece, making the music very much unpredictable.

Lützhøft fragmenter participated in the International Composition Competition Ensemblia 2007 in Mönchen Gladbach.