Lützhøft fragmenter

This piece was written in 2004, and so far it is my shortest piece, lasting only about 30 seconds.

It consists of nine fragments grouped into three "movements". Each fragment is a gesture. I tried to separate each gesture as much as possible, using different timbres, dynamics, registers and so forth - my goal being to make each fragment unique. The language is sort of expessionistic. While I was writing it, I was very interested in the early atonal pieces by Anton Webern - for example the Bagatelles for string quartet. But what I wanted was a sort of lyrical sound, which I obtained by using a harmonic system that comes very close to tonality (a kind of D major touching on G and A major here and there). In the melodic lines though I mainly used seconds, fourths, fifths and sevenths which slurs the tonality, and keeps everything unpredictable. (Another major influence on this piece was John Cages Freeman Etudes, which I listened to a lot while writing this piece).

It was written for the danish violinist Idinna Lützhøft, hence the title.