In the future, everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes

This piece is an indeterminate piece. For quite some time I had been fooling around with improvisation, but suddenly I realised that it wasn't improvisation I was interested in. It was more like the thing John Cage does - controlling all aspects of a composition, but keeping the exact details open - that interested me. I tried to approch that with this piece.

First I took the famous quote from Andy Warhol and cut it up into phonemes. I then used chance (a dice) to determine the durations and dynamics of each phoneme. And then, to make the whole thing more interesting, I decided that everything should be whispered instead of sung.

The indeterminate elements of the piece is in the number of performers, and their placement in the concerthall. Furthermore there is a rhythmic flexibility which makes every performance something different than every other performance.