parlava così piano che lo si sentiva appena

This piece is made up of small phrases (35 in all), each consisting of one to six events (an event being either a single note, two notes or three notes together). These are composed using chance operations which gives the music an unpredictable character that I really like. The phrases seem very much alike but are all different.

The whole piece is in B flat major and lies within the range of two octaves (E flat to D). In this middle range the piano has a very beautiful sound, and played softly the notes easily melt together. This creates small melodies between the events. Some of these comes very close to tonality, but since the main intervals used are sevenths (with occasional thirds, fourths and fifths) the tonality seems very free.

This sort of floating quality is also found in the rhythmic language. With two different durations: 3 seconds (black) and 6 seconds (white), and another 6 seconds of pause added between the phrases, I found that the timing of the music felt very organic, and that was very important for me with this piece.

The title is italian and means "He spoke so softly that he could scarcely be heard". I found it in a dictionary, and liked it both for what it says (which has an obvious connection to the music itself), but also simply for the way it sounds.